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PopOut! The Tale of Peter Rabbit

Nighty Night! Bedtime story for children

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兒童書籍-美語教具 - 英文兒歌伴唱2 (5片VCD+1片DVD) (MA00199)
貨號 : P-060926173745
規格: 5片VCD+1片DVD 聖經故事動畫輯2 
    內容:1.路得     2.亞伯拉罕    3.約瑟
適用年齡:0 ~ 12
6片裝90首歌。加聖經故事動畫輯DVD 。耳熟能詳的世界童謠名曲。無負擔的學習讓說英語變得有趣更容易。深受爸媽跟小朋友喜愛的英文兒歌伴唱出第二輯囉!!!
NT$: 599

規格: 5片VCD+1片DVD 聖經故事動畫輯2 
    內容:1.路得     2.亞伯拉罕    3.約瑟
適用年齡:0 ~ 12
6片裝90首歌。加聖經故事動畫輯DVD 。耳熟能詳的世界童謠名曲。無負擔的學習讓說英語變得有趣更容易。深受爸媽跟小朋友喜愛的英文兒歌伴唱出第二輯囉!!!



1. Oh! Suzannah     2. Vegetable Song
3. The Muffin Man   4. I'm A Little Teapot
5. Greetings  6.Goodbye To You
7. Home Sweet Home                   8.Who Is Wearing Yellow Today?
9. Times Of The Day  10.Cleaning The House
11.Hello Baby    12.Uncle Johnny And Auntie Mary
13.Show Your Smile 14.Bake A Cake
15.Time For Bed  16.Pack Up Your School Bag
17.Getting Around   18.Celebrate Your Birthday


1.Five Little Ducks 2.This Old Man
3.Ten Green Bottles     4.ABC Song
5.Colours 6.In The Town 
7.Counting Stars  8.Counting The Animals                       
9.The Alphabetical Song Of Creatures 10.Making Shapes
11.Can You Play The Piano?   12.Let's Paint And Draw    
13.I See An Aeroplane                                14.What Would You Like To Be?
15.At The Dentist's And Doctor's 16.Marching On
17.Animal Farm  18.Monday To Sunday


1.The Farmer In The Dell 2.You Are My Sunshine
3.Fishes, Fishes, Where Are You ? 4.Follow Me To The Playground
5.Waiting For The Rainbow  6.Balloons In The Sky
7.Starry Skies 8.Having Tea By The Sea
9.Let's Go To The Zoo  10.Fly, Dragon fly
11.Fly Like A Bird  12.Sweet Teddy Bear
13.The Farmhouse     14.Country Park Ride
15.In The Winter  16.Growing Up
17.Up In The Mountains 18.By The Beach


1.Michael Row The Boat Ashore  2.My Bonnie
3.A Song Of Friendship 4.Skip To My Lou
5.I Saw Three Ships 6.Looby Loo
7.My Fun Playroom  8.Everybody Jump
9.Tricycle Song 10.Sunday's A Sunny Day         
11.Clap And Sing 12.This Is The Way
13.To The Flower Stall  14.Row The Boat
15.Riding Around  16.Hide And Seek
17.Action Game  18.Come Follow Me


1.Cinderella  2.Sleeping Beauty
3.Tom Thumb  4.The Frog Prince
5.Snow White 6.Little Red Ridinghood
7.Rumpelstiltskin  8.The Elves and The Shoe maker       
9.Ugly Duckling 10.Pinocchio
11.Jack and the Beanstalk   12.The Three Little Pigs
13.The Emperor's New Clothes               14.Robin Hood, The Three Wishes
15.Beauty and the Beast 16.At The Fairy Tale Show
17.Story Land Dreams   

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